Watch: Sarah Palin’s life as a Michael Bay film in “The Undefeated”

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The upcoming Sarah Palin documentary The Undefeated* doesn't really stake any claim to being unbiased; nor should it need to, really: lots of documentaries focus on a topic from a clear and pronounced point of view. So I wasn't shocked or particularly perturbed by the cheerleading that makes up, well, pretty much this entire trailer. Heck, I don't even think these random talking heads are spouting off total BS — from what I've read, Palin was actually a much more independent-minded and interesting governor than most people realize, given how completely her new, media-hating and media-hungry image has eclipsed her old self.

But boy, does this trailer sure have the feel of new-school Sarah. She's standing up to fat cats and bigwigs and other rhyming phrases that describe powerful people! She's running into burning buildings! She's fighting, um… clones, or something! Bridge explosions! Ominous clouds! Money in toilets! EXCLAMATION POINTS!

Whew. The Undefeated: blockbuster action movie of the summer. You heard it here first.

*Not to be nitpick-y about the title, but, uh… she was defeated in the last political race she entered. That is what defeat is. When you don't win. Just wanted to point that out.