Watch Simon Pegg freak out in A Fantastic Fear of Everything trailer

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If you thought you'd have to wait until the next Star Trek film — or, God forbid, watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol again — to get your Simon Pegg fix, don't worry! The British funny man takes a turn for the semi-serious in the upcoming A Fantastic Fear of Everything, in which he plays a children's book author obsessed with murder. Who's maybe being haunted by a stuffed hedge hog. And who's afraid of the laundromat. In case those facts didn't tip you off, let me say that this film is clearly Quirky-with-a-capital-Q, though it's too soon to tell if first-time director Crispian Mills (who even has a quirky name and is apparently a rocker of some sort) will deliver the enjoyable eccentricity of Wes Anderson and Michel Gondry or the insufferable eccentricity of knock-off Wes Anderson and Michel Gondry.

Here's hoping that the film is more than just a collection of idiosyncrasies, and that Pegg is wearing a wig. Because that is some seriously awful hair.