Watch Star Wars as remade by thousands of people on the internet

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This is for all you folks who require a richer fantasy world than Sunday night football can provide. An online project called Star Wars Uncut has remade Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in its entirety by using the collective effort of the internet, Wikipedia style.

The sci-fi epic was carved into fifteen-second sections for participants to claim. The amateur auteurs then remade their respective sections in any way they chose. The result is a frenetic and very funny visual collage of mixed media that cuts rapidly between shoe-string CGI, stop-motion Legos, and amateur thespians wearing salad bowl helmets. R2-D2 may appear as a shaky cartoon one moment and as a bleep-blooping vacuum cleaner the next.

The sound and voice-acting too jumps around from surprisingly professional to hilariously low-budget. And yet, the experience of watching Star Wars Uncut it isn't as jarring or lukewarm as you might expect. It's a strange and interesting film, the loving reinterpretation of thousands of minds, and it's actually pretty good.