Watch: Supercut of iconic cinematic catch phrases

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This is a fairly lengthy montage from YouTube user MoPapparani of some of those movie lines that, for one reason or another, got absorbed into popular consciousness. You could make a bunch of these, but this one covers the bases pretty well. I'm glad Robert Duvall's "napalm" speech doesn't get cut off, since it's a multi-parter. And it's good to see Freaks in there, along with the more recent films. Al Pacino seems to be the overall winner. It's hard to quibble with the selections. Maybe Martin Lawrence's "Shit just got real" from Bad Boys 2 would be the first off the boat, gun-to-head. We also get a little lesson in how misremembered lines sometimes calcify into established convention, via The Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Mae West. Good stuff.