Watch: The actual, non-parody trailer for “The Muppets”

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It's been a long road since we first found out that the Muppets were returning to the big screen — with a script by the ever-reliable Jason Segel, no less — and we've suffered through cameo rumors and parody trailers. But now, the day has finally come when we can see the actual trailer for The Muppets. And it answers the burning question: are the Muppets in this movie? And the answer is: Yes! But don't look too hard for plot or anything like that. Instead, enjoy that snippet of "Ma Na Mah Na":

While I still can't say for sure this film will have the drive of The Muppet Movie or The Muppets Take Manhattan — films that actually impressed themselves on my infant brain in a very primal way — I'm willing to place a fair amount of trust in Segel and co-star Amy Adams. But if I get even a hint of Muppet Treasure Island, I'm out of here.