Watch: The Bat is back in “The Dark Knight Rises” trailer

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We can all agree that Batman is the most emo of the big superheroes, yes? He still kicks ass and everything, but if he wasn't fighting crime he's probably just sit around in his mansion listening to the Cure and lighting piles of money on fire, right? (The whole playboy bit is obviously an act.) He has good reason to be — seeing your parents die and then being unable to save your childhood friend and love interest will do that to you — but he just has so many emotions. And that side of Batman is definitely on display in the first trailer for the third and final Bat movie to be helmed by Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises:

"But I don't wannnnnnnnna save the cityyyyyyyyy." (I'm sorry, Bruce. I only tease you because I know you can handle it.) So many questions raised by this teaser: what is wrong with Commissioner Gordon? Will Tom Hardy's Bane be intimidating enough to get out of the Joker's very long shadow? And, most importantly: just how bondage-inspired will Catwoman's outfit be?