Watch the Piranha 3DD trailer for all the fish ‘n’ boobs you could possibly need

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Sometimes you need that little extra something to get you through a Wednesday. Maybe it's another coffee, maybe it's a secret game of Angry Birds, and maybe it's two minutes of busty women in skimpy bathing suits. Talk about hump day, amirite?! (I'm sorry. I know what I must do. [gunshot]) The trailer for the absolutely necessary Piranha 3DD is here, and it's pretty much exactly like the first one, except instead of Adam Scott and Elisabeth Shue, it's got David Hasselfhoff. Yes, that's definitely a downgrade, but the cast is secondary to the actual reason people will see this movie, and that reason is pneumatic coeds getting torn apart by bloodthirsty fish.

To each their own, I guess:

So children, what did we learn? (We can "learn" from this because Christopher Lloyd's character is a scientist. Or a nut case who lives in a trailer. Same thing?)

1. Prehistoric evil piranhas will swim into sewers, because caves or something.

2. Prehistoric evil piranhas live inside your body. You probably won't notice, until you really do.

3. David Hasselhoff is an unfeeling robot who lives by an amoral code of Darwinian jungle law.

4. Prehistoric evil piranhas love to reenact the bathtub scene from Nightmare on Elm Street.

Very educational! Piranha 3DD: fighting to keep our nation committed to biology, especially if that biology has huge breasts.