Watch: The first official trailer for Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor”

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While footage from the film leaked over the summer, this is the first official look we're getting at Kenneth Branagh's upcoming Thor film. And what do we learn? A few things: 1. Leading man Chris Hemsworth is impossibly muscled, 2. Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, looks kinda puny, 3. Natalie Portman was so good in Black Swan that when she showed up here, I got confused.

It also confirms what I thought, that the movie's first poster — which looked like a Viking version of Sin City — was probably not indicative of the film's actual style and tone. And while I understand the motivation behind really showing everyone that Thor is a serious movie, in the end you're still talking about a jacked dude in a cape hitting things with a sledgehammer. Embrace the cheese.