Watch the first three minutes of “Freakonomics”

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Freakonomics, if you don't know, was the 2005 book by economist Steven Levitt and writer Stephen J. Dubner that demonstrated how the principles of economics can be used to explain and predict lots of human behavior in unexpected ways, like why sumo wrestlers are terrible cheaters and why crack dealers are often very poor. (Some might call it the sexiest bit of economics ever. Though I would suggest John Maynard Keynes instead.)

The book was so popular, it spawned a sequel (SuperFreakonomics), a New York Times blog (Freakonomics), an upcoming radio show on NPR (Freakono… you get the point), and a documentary film. The movie won't be released in theaters until this weekend (though it is available on iTunes), but you can watch the first three minutes right here:

So, uh… congrats, those looking to sell their homes: if you thought the only thing screwing you over was the economy, now you know better.