It may be easier to buy the notion of Keira Knightley as a crazy lady than Viggo Mortensen as Sigmund Freud, but David Cronenberg always merits our ticket money whenever we're jonesing for a fix of squirmy, psychological unease.

Which brings us to A Dangerous Method, Cronenberg's based-on-a-true-story period drama about Freud and his protege, analyst Carl Jung, and Jung's likely affair with a crazy Russian lady (who would later become a real-life analyst herself), played by period vet Knightley. Michael Fassbender plays Jung, and the screenplay was adapted by Oscar-winning writer Christopher Hampton from his play, The Talking Cure. Vincent Cassel (who should have won an Oscar for Black Swan) also stars in the film.

The trailer confuses me. I think it's Cronenberg doing Merchant Ivory at first, but then it starts to look like he's doing an S&M movie (possibly titled Girl Secretary, Interrupted), toying with pastiche. Lord of the Rings Oscar-hog Howard Shore did the music, so all the pieces are in place. And if Mortensen can pull off a Freud that doesn't ruin the movie, I will stand mentally corrected. The film will premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September.

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Jul 03 11 - 3:32pm

It's an interesting idea, but the writing in the trailer was absolutely dreadfull. It looks like some cliché-laden romance novel, but with a bit more set dressing and character background. The write-up interested me, but actually watching the trailer has convinced me I shouldn't bother.

Jul 03 11 - 4:17pm


Jul 03 11 - 6:11pm

I know you can't live in the past, but come on, Mr. Cronenberg, pleeeeease. Could you make just one more film with slimy, slithering venereal parasites, or pulsating veins that balloon up and burst wide open, or deranged doctors/scientists/psychotherapists who unleash grotesque and disgusting horror on the world? Nobody made that stuff as fun to watch as you did.

Jul 06 11 - 6:29pm

yeah, lets re-write history and get some violence laden monster bust through freud's chest- pretty please!?! ;)

Jul 03 11 - 11:12pm

It's so hard telling what a movie can be like just from it's trailer. They're geared towards certain audiences and zeitgeists of the moment. I'm not sure about the film, it could be good but the trailer doesn't give the best impression. I like the idea of the story and feel it could be educational and entertaining.

Jul 04 11 - 10:24am

Ditto. This wouldn't be the first time they try to make a movie palatable by concocting a misleading trailer. I think I'll check it out, because Cronenberg failures tend to be more interesting than most regular Hollywood successes.

Aug 29 11 - 12:53pm

Ah, i see. Well that's not too tkricy at all!"