Watch: The mesmerizing trailer for Werner Herzog’s 3D “Cave of Forgotten Dreams”

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Here is a sentence I never thought I'd write: who wants to go see Werner Herzog's 3D documentary about Paleolithic cave art with me? But after watching this rather stunning trailer for the upcoming Cave of Forgotten Dreams — in which Herzog examines the drawings on the walls of the Chauvet Cave in southern France — that's the only thought on my mind. God, he's just so amazingly weird, isn't he?

If any of you are wondering why Herzog — who's been pretty upfront about his distaste for 3D — is shooting a movie about cave walls, of all things, with the trendy technology, he says it was necessary because the ancient artists incorporated the bumps and curves of the rock into their drawings. Which sounds pretty much like the subtlest and most elegant way you'll ever see 3D used. (Perhaps tied with Jackass 3D, I'm sure.)

So, yeah — comes out in Spring. Who wants to go? I'll even share my popcorn.