Muppets respond to Fox News' claim they are anti-capitalist

Has anyone been watching the new season of Project Runway? (Yes, it is in fact still on.) In a recent episode, the contestants were told they'd be designing a dress for a fashion icon — someone fabulous, demanding, and world-famous. Oh, the misplaced hope you could see in those poor people's faces — the "client" was Miss Piggy, who is not real, and whom no one thinks of as a fashion icon. (Drag-queen inspiration? Sure. Future delicious side of bacon? Yes, please!) The whole thing struck me as very sad, like a feeble attempt at Christmas decorations at a strip mall.

And I kind of feel that way about the fact that I'm writing about Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy's response to the ridiculous charge leveled against them by Fox News that their new movie was anti-capitalist propaganda. That was so stupid in the first place, but now reporters are asking puppets to respond to the allegations, even though they are fabric. ("Breaking: Read What Jwoww's Cut-Off Jean Shorts Think About Vinny's Departure from Jersey Shore!") Has there been a gas leak?

That said, it is clear to me that in this relationship Miss Piggy is the James Carville to Kermit's Mary Matalin. "Oh no, we love oil companies!" Have you no empathy for your aquatic brethren in the Gulf of Mexico, Kermie? Does the image of their oil-coated bodies not fill you with rage? For shame, you frog Judas! For shame.

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Jan 30 12 - 12:41pm

i can understand you don't like the muppets but really! you can't see the humor in this or the PR episode? how sad.

Jan 30 12 - 5:34pm
Perforated Colon

The guy who said the stuff that started this was a commentator on the Fox Business Channel. So, everything some guy that appears on a show on some channel that's run by the same company as Fox News can become the "official standard position" of Fox News? This bogeyman crap is getting annoying.

Jan 31 12 - 12:57pm


Jan 31 12 - 3:03pm

Fox News AND its subsidiaries are terrifying. The clip itself contained long, drawn out comments about the movie and the liberal media by two angry people. They denigrated every show that has ever suggested recycling as a good idea and insulted their guest (who only got to speak two sentences). These are Fox news strategies, even if they happened to occur on a closely-related network owned by the same company.

The only ridiculous thing is that Miss Piggy officially makes more sense than two news commentators.

Jan 31 12 - 3:11pm

Oh yeah, and I think the clip is cute. This is what the muppets do. This "press conference" is not so different from the short clip of Kermit performing with Brett Mckenzie. A certain suspension of disbelief is required to enjoy these puppets in the first place!