Watch: The trailer for Exporting Raymond, a movie about making a Russian Everybody Loves Raymond

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Phil Rosenthal

Apparently, after Everybody Loves Raymond finally died on American television, a Russian TV network requested an adaptation of their own. I guess whiny Italian sports writers are funnier in Russian. Either way, the co-creator of the original, Phil Rosenthal, made the trip to Eurasia and took a full film crew with him, to make some sort of absurdly meta documentary about the Russian remake of his show. And it actually looks hilarious.

From when Rosenthal decides to get Kidnap & Ransom Insurance for the trip to when we meet the director who moonlights as an enema-bag musician, the culture shock produces some funny moments. Lots of the actual experiences he has are to be expected (people shoving vodka down his throat, general misunderstandings, etc.), but Rosenthal's awkwardness makes it all funnier than you'd think.

Seeing Phil in action makes me wonder why his show was so unfunny. Coincidentally, the crime boss who runs the comedy division over there (I'm not being a racist — look at that guy, he's killed at least one person) shares my feeling — he didn't like Everybody Loves Raymond either. Which raises the question: why the hell did you pay to remake it?