Watch the trailer for John Landis and Simon Pegg’s new film, “Burke & Hare”

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Nothing shouts "hilarious buddy comedy" like the true story of two serial murderers in nineteenth-century Scotland, am I right? John Landis' new film, Burke and Hare, stars Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis as Burke and Hare, respectively, two poor men in Edinburgh who start selling cadavers to a medical college to make ends meet. Of course, it's not that easy to just come upon fresh corpses all the time, so the two eventually decide to, uh, take the production of their inventory in-house.

The trailer seems promising, if a bit "wacky" instead of actually "funny" in a few places. And the rest of the cast is pretty exciting as well: Isla Fisher, Tim Curry, Christopher Lee, Tom Wilkinson, and Stephen Merchant all have roles.

Hopefully Landis — who's mostly been directing for the small screen recently — will be able to produce something that's more Blues Brothers than Blues Brothers 2000.