Watch the trailer for Kanye West’s short film “Runaway”

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You read that right. Kanye West, the much maligned and beloved rapper, produced a forty-minute-long film called Runaway based on his upcoming album (which is called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy — turns out 'Ye is a fourteen-year-old goth). Here's how he explained it to the Fug Girls at the recent Rodarte show:

It's the story of a phoenix fallen to Earth, and I make her my girlfriend, and people discriminate against her and eventually she has to burn herself alive and go back to her world.

Seriously, isn't it so fourteen-year-old goth of him to come up with a story in which a mythical creature comes to earth and then starts dating him? Anyway, a trailer for the film, which stars West, model Selita Ebanks, and some super freaky CGI deer, has just been released:

How this relates to the album… well, your guess is as good as mine.