Some of you may recall the odd story from 2008 of Bernann McKinney, the woman who had her pet dog cloned in Korea who then turned out to be notorious 1970s beauty queen/alleged kidnapper Joyce Bernann McKinney. The reemergence of this woman — once a tabloid staple in England when she was charged with kidnapping a Mormon missionary, chaining him to a bed, and having sex with him — and the revived interest in her truly bizarre story inspired director Errol Morris to produce Tabloid, a film about the case and the hurricane of media attention thrust upon this beautiful young woman who was maybe also insane.

Interestingly enough, McKinney was convicted of indecent assault in England, but had already jumped bail and escaped back to the U.S.; she never served any time. Maybe this lack of punishment helps explain why she agreed to be interviewed for the film, because she still clearly believes her own innocence. And I don't want to sound harsh, here, but... the lady looks pretty insanity bananas. Which is why this documentary looks awesome:

Crime, sexual impropriety, Mormons, and women barking like dogs? This film truly looks like it has something for everyone.

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Jun 10 11 - 1:26pm

What is this site's fascination with Mormons? It seems like every other item on here manages to mention their church. Mormons just aren't that interesting.

Jun 13 11 - 5:08pm

That's so not true. Are you especially sensitive Huh?

Nov 03 11 - 12:25pm

What other mainstream religion offers up such fodder and odities. I give this movie a two thumbs up. Although it does leave one scratching ones head.

Jun 10 11 - 3:07pm

It's the ties.

Jun 10 11 - 6:47pm

One of us had a Mormon woman after us for 3 years. Never tied me up, but sent me a Bible with my name engraved on it and was freq

Jun 10 11 - 6:53pm

frequently visited by a God-squad trying to convince that conversion and marriage was part of God's plan. Sent the Bible back and she married and reproduced with a believer below her level. Such is obsession.

We don't think that McKinney is crackers, she just has an alternative moral code and is very honest about it. Good for her.
Neither of us know Weiner.

Jun 11 11 - 12:16am

Minus the whole kidnapping part, so on my bucket list.

Jun 13 11 - 11:01am

Errol Morris can make the most banal topic into a fascinating document; this should be really choice.

Jun 13 11 - 5:09pm

I love everything he does. Never had a miss.

Jun 16 11 - 3:40am

NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE: Consider this leegal notice of our intent to sue you if the libelous material above slandering Joyce McKinney is not removed within five days! Your internet service provider has been traced and you will be served with Criminal Libel action, for which you can receive a jail term, as well as a civil action for slander for whih you will have to pay her damages running into thousands of dollars plus your own attorney fees. In England, a woman cannot even be charged with raping a man, thus Ms. McKinney is not a sexual offender, nor was she ever chraged --or convicted--of "indecent assault"---as you wrongfully imply. First of all, Ms. McKinney was NEVER CHARGED with "Raping" a Mormon , who in real life is 300 pounds and 6'5" tall. The whole kidnap and rape filth was a perverted LIE spread by Mormon PR teams for THIRTY FOUR YEARS, using their press power and media connections. In fact, had you even done more research and called England, or its courts, you would have learned that Ms. McKinney was NEVER EVEN CHARGED with raping a man. In fact, she was a moral young Chrstian woman and was in fact a virgin when her Mormon fiance asked her to marry him. It is considered crimnal libel when you state or infer that a person was charged of a crime he or she was never cnharged with. Nor did she "agree" to be in Morris' perverted film, as it has caused Ms. McKinney and her family tremendous trauma and personal agony: Her mother tried to commit suicide and is now in a coma under life support not expected to live, and Ms. McKinney herself is severely traumatizd and devastated by this sick film and is suing them for over fifty million dollars for slander, defamation, misuse of her photo and name, invasion of privacy, and deliberate infliction of emotional destress as well as Fraud. She NEVER agreed to be in any film like this, as she considers Morris film Tabloid sick and degrading. Basically, the dishonest film-makers approached her in 2009, with a "dummy "comtract lying through their teeth while pretending to
be with Showtime Network doing a TV series on "How paparazzi disrupts people's privacy". They just plain LIED to her. In fact, the "Showtime" contract was fake. They were NOT from Showtime, nor was there any "TV series". It was a ruse to get footage of her for this"Porno Doc", a mockumentary which has no basis in fact. The "interview" was later edited and altered to manipulate the audience and for thieeir own purposes in favor of their tabloids and Mormon buddies. Morris and his henchmen also LIED and said they wanted to clear her name and let her tell her story. Instead they took her "interview" for the Non-existent "Showtime TV series" and superimposed her head on another woman's naked body with computers and digitals to make it appear that she was "nude" and a "whore". They also took a perverted sex ad THAT WAS NOT EVEN HER AD which depicted sado-machochistic sex---and said it was "her". Also, while Morris was interviewing her for this non existent "Showtime TV series", his cronies were ransacking her lugagge--plundering for pictures of her and rummaging through her materials for an autobiographical book she was writing, her memoirs--somewhat like Old Rose looking back on her very special lost love in The Titanic. What Morris' people didn't outright steal, they copied without her consent. The Hollywood hoodlums stole treasured materials she had held close to her heart for years, that she had planned to use for her upcoming autobiographical book and memoirs: her diary, two film treatments that were registered with Writer's Guild, based on her love story and her cloned dogs, photos of her, her family's home movies, her parent's personal photos--even baby pictures of her, plus a valuable memorabilia collection which Penthouse magazine had offered her several million dollars for, but which she turned down, because she was a Christian and would not do nudity or have dealings with those who did. So knowing that she would never consent to his perverted warped ideas, Morris thus had to TRICK her into giving an interview which his asssistant Ajae Clearway told her would "clear her name from all the tabloid stories". It was a ruse to gain her confidence. Their real plot was to MISUSE and DISTORT the stolen photos, as well as the photos of her beloved Kirk and make them both look foolish as if they were sex bondage freaks. In this respect MORRIS and is producers and editors are no different than the tabloids themselves, and just as low! Ms. McKinney is suing Morris for millions of dollars, as well as the UTAH distributors and all producers and editors involved in the trashy film and well as any of their associates who helped make a "counterfeit Joyce McKinney story" when it in no way represents her TRUE story. Her TRUE story is a sensitive love story and CUKT RESCUE, the story of a moral young woman who was a victim of the press, and now exploiters like Errol Morris. It is a story of a woman courageous enough to speak out aginst a huge business corporation --the Mormons--which operates under the guise of a religion, but is actually a CULT which has broken apart thousands of families and destroy thousands of lives--and souls, and teaches that by joining their group you can become a god ---if you follow their cult which, according to them will "take over the US government in a New World Order". [You may laugh--but this is more serious than you think. In the seventies, Joyce was an ouspoken dissident speaking out agsint Mormonism and their Plan, so they MUST discredit her. Morris' film distributor is from Mormon controlled UTAH!] Both Romney and Huntsman, (Mormons) are running for the US presidency, putting their bizarre Mormon plot into gear! How odd that Morris missed every bit of this in a story he dishonestly tries to pass of as "The Joyce McKinney Story"----He leaves out her years as an anti Mormon dissident and civil rights worker protesting their false Mormon doctrine and human rights abuses of minority groups! This was DELIBERATELY left out of Morris' film. Morris missed it all ...either because he was told by his Mormon sources to discredit her--- or because all his simple, yet twisted mind saw in Joyce's very complex story was was sex-- sex-- sex (like a dirty old man with a dirty old mind). In 1977, Joyce was a 112 pound gorgeous model and state beauty queen with a great figure and long blonde hair to her waist. She was NOT crazy as you slander her in saying in your article. In fact, at age 21 was completing a PhD in Film, and at age 23 ran for Miss USA. She was a classy high quality lady, and did not have to fly thousands of miles to England, to "kidnap and rape" a 300 pound Mormon to get sex! Nor was she immoral or "crazy" as you and Morris slander her in implying! It is true that their street recruiter (her fiance) was in love with her, and that she loved him as well. Moreover, he left WITH her for three days, going to a romantic cottage in the English countryside and going sightseeing throughout London with her --even at crowded Trafalgar Square, where they were in crowds of people and around plenty of cops during the wrongfully alleged "kidnap" period trumpeted by the Mormon sourced tabloid headlines! They were at the equally crowded Hard Rock Cafe when Joyce and her fiance (while having lunch there with a friend) read TOGETHER ridiculous headlines spread by Mormon PR teams: BEAUTY QUEENS KIDNAPS AND RAPES MORMON,etc. And she was eating a burger in a public restaurant with her "kidnap rape victim" as the Mormon sourced press stories lied in stating! Her fiance was NOT kidnapped or "abducted" or any of that other garbage. That's just what the Mormons, and their CURRENT mouthpiece, Errol Morris, WANT you to think. However, the fact remains that the above article you have written is false, libeleous, and defamatory, as well as the trailer you are suggesting people view--which is R rated and not even suitable for adults to view, much less children. IF this material sladnering Joyce McKinney is not removed within five days, get your suit pressed, as your internet provider is being traced and you WILL be sued by Ms. McKinney! Make no mistake about it. One more thing: Ms. McKinney does not have any respect for Errol Morris, and his disgusting Porno-Doc, nor should you. The director is obsessed with Ms. McKinney (or his wild tabloid image of her, his fantasy of her). She was mortified when he even tried to grab her and kissed her in New York! Many witnesses and press people saw her push him off of her! She was obviously embarrassed and stated "Errol don't DO that! You are a married man!" He is so obsessed with her that he constantly writes about her on his Twitter page and he even runs out and buys the books she read in high school, [such as Theodore Dreiser], yet Morris is so dishonest that he did NO in debth investiagative research into the Mormon CULT or into the brainwashing procedures used by the cult on her beloved fiance, or her 1977 CULT RESCUE, which is the basis of her TRUE story. He misses it by a mile. Ms. McKinney is hoping to find an HONEST feature film producer who will tell the TRUE version of her story, which people say will win an Oscar and will, unlike Morris' trashy film, be tasteful and not perverted. At a premiere of the New York audience, when the cheering audience begged her to come on stage after Tablid was shown and then heard the REAL story and learned of Morris people stealing her photos, and the pain his film put her and her innocent family through, she got a standing ovation. She was also mobbed for autographs by sympathetic audiences in Sarasota, San Francisco, and even Seattle where Morris' henchman and film makers profiting off the film slandering her actually tried to keep her out of the theatre to prevent the truth from being exposed. So, she is a fighter, and in spite of the pain that perverted film causes her, she knows that her story was a love story and a cult rescue, and her faith that the REAL Joyce McKinney story will come out, someday, does not waver.
The perverted film TABLOID is a COUNTERFEIT Joyce McKinney story, and does NOT reflect the truth, which is why it was not considered by the Academy Awards people for an Oscar this year as Best "Documentary", as Ms. McKinney and others alerted them to the fact that it was FICTIONAL and it was disqualifed as a "documentary" which is supposed to be based on FACTS. In that respect, Errol Morris missed the boat....badly. The only question is, how much MORMON MONEY was behind it?????

Jul 27 11 - 6:30pm
Roger G Stowe

who are you? what is your authority to represent Joyce Mckinney?

Jul 27 11 - 6:34pm
Roger G Stowe

Ive checked your statements and they do not seem to coincide with the recored, ie. Joyce was indeed charged and arrested and subsequently jumped bail.

Nov 04 11 - 11:42am
Dan'l Boone

Everything you've claimed about the LDS church (Mormon) are falsehoods propagated for years by Mormon-haters...once you begin the anti-Mormon tirade, your whole "legal" post falls apart into the crazy, bigoted diatribe it really sure wasted a lot of time trying to appear legit...