Watch: The true tale of the beauty queen who kidnapped a Mormon missionary in Errol Morris’ “Tabloid”

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Some of you may recall the odd story from 2008 of Bernann McKinney, the woman who had her pet dog cloned in Korea who then turned out to be notorious 1970s beauty queen/alleged kidnapper Joyce Bernann McKinney. The reemergence of this woman — once a tabloid staple in England when she was charged with kidnapping a Mormon missionary, chaining him to a bed, and having sex with him — and the revived interest in her truly bizarre story inspired director Errol Morris to produce Tabloid, a film about the case and the hurricane of media attention thrust upon this beautiful young woman who was maybe also insane.

Interestingly enough, McKinney was convicted of indecent assault in England, but had already jumped bail and escaped back to the U.S.; she never served any time. Maybe this lack of punishment helps explain why she agreed to be interviewed for the film, because she still clearly believes her own innocence. And I don't want to sound harsh, here, but… the lady looks pretty insanity bananas. Which is why this documentary looks awesome:

Crime, sexual impropriety, Mormons, and women barking like dogs? This film truly looks like it has something for everyone.