Watch: Things get pretty confusing in the “Cars 2” trailer

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But things also just get pretty, full stop. The trailer for Pixar's second venture into the world of sequels, Cars 2, has just come out, and while the visuals are stunning — it makes me think of what Speed Racer wishes it had looked like — the plot is a bit convoluted. There's a very important race, but there are also car spies, and maybe oil production is involved? Semi-related question: wouldn't an oil rig in a world of sentient cars just be, like, a farm?

Perhaps I'm being unfair, since Cars is my least favorite Pixar joint. (In fact, when I posted about the balloon house from Up yesterday, I almost said that I'd like to see any other Pixar scene recreated, unless it's from Cars. You guys love hearing about the unimportant details of my creative process, right?)

Of course, I'll still see it. But most likely at home, and most likely with a few strong drinks in me, the better to appreciate the flashing lights with.