Watch this interview: David Cross talks about “Arrested Development” movie

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David Cross sat down with Keith Olbermann for an in-depth seventeen-minute interview. In it, he addresses the possibility of a forthcoming Arrested Development movie at length. The rumor mill has been churning recently after the possible release of the plot of the film, and it seems like it might not just be the collective will of thousands of Arrested Development devotees desperately hoping for new material. For his part, Cross seems pretty hopeful that things might actually happen this time, stating, "I feel more confident now, as of the last month. I know what [the plot of the movie] is! … It's genius."

The chemistry between Olbermann and Cross is pretty good, and the interview is worth a watch even beyond the movie speculation. You also get some funny anecdotes about Tobias Funke's transformation into a "blue man" and information on Cross' IFC show, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret.