Watch: Trailer for Vampire Boys, the gay Twilight parody

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Gay Twi-hards, prepare to get Twi-hard-ons. Movieline has unveiled the trailer for Vampire Boys, a gem of a flick that, essentially, is just a really gay version of Twilight.

There are many, many hilarious things going on in that two minutes, but my favorite has to be at the :49 mark, at which point the skinniest man in the world says with defiance, "I'm a big boy."

But what exactly is Vampire Boys, where did it come from, and what does it want from us? After following a link or three, I was led to Ariztical Entertainment, a company that specializes in low-budget LGBT movies, many of them of the horror genre. Also, they proudly report that they were behind "the first gay male anime to be released on DVD in the U.S.," an admirable feat. So, clearly, these are definitely people who would know how to make an awesome gay parody of Twilight.