Watch the trailer for new David Cronenberg/Don DeLillo/Robert Pattinson movie (hey, two out of three ain’t bad)

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Cinematic awesomeness-professional David Cronenberg is bringing literary badass Don DeLillo's Cosmopolis to the screen in a new film aptly entitled Cosmopolis. Cosmopolis isn't one of DeLillo's big books. By my guess, his most popular are Underworld and White Noise (which blew my mind in college in an awesome way — unlike, say, Donnie Darko which I regret having been… blown by?) but it's likely one of his most adaptable.

David Cronenberg is known for his evolution from making awesome movies where people's heads get blown up to making awesome movies where people's heads get examined by seminal psychologists. And now it looks like he's made an awesome movie about a guy riding a limo around New York, that includes one of the best scenes of Robert Pattinson shooting himself through the hand in all of modern cinema. In all seriousness, it's actually just a really awesome trailer that'll remind you of how much you love movie trailers, and force you to spend forty-five minutes perusing them online. 

You're welcome.