Yes, an animal will make you cry in Steven Spielberg’s War Horse trailer

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Adults of the world are making their play to take horses back from twelve-year-old girls, and Steven Spielberg is leading the charge with his film adaptation of War Horse. The story of a boy and his beloved pony in the terrifying blood storm that was the front of WWI, it is probably the only movie you'll ever see that will make you say, "I really think the horse grounded a role that could have been over-the-top with a very expressive, very raw performance." (Unless you are really, really into Hidalgo or something.) Are you, as an adult, ready to watch a film in which one of the main characters is an animal?


This thing is probably going to be pummeled with awards — or at the very least nominations — so you'll be hearing a lot about it and you may as well give in now. Just look into the horse's big brown eyes in that trailer and let the tears flow. It will be easier that way.