Werner Herzog, apparently, really hates chickens

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Deep in the souls of every man and woman lie caverns of darkness where their most irrational hatreds lurk. It's small everyday things — people who choose to listen to pop country music of their own free will, the entire oeuvre of Bill Paxton, the fact that Bobbleheads are a thing that exists in this world. Subjects of hatred that aren't even worth putting a voice to because, you know that as soon as it leaves your mouth you'll be forced to defend why it irks you so. And you simply cannot.

But that's not going to stop brilliant documentary filmmaker Werner Herzog, who apparently really fucking hates chicken:

The fact that there's not a whole lot of information accompanying the video makes it even better. Was this for some other documentary he's recording? Or simply a retrospective interview gone a bit off the rails? Or, my favorite mental scenario, did Herzog hire a film crew and create a meticulous set just to unleash this forty-second drubbing of his least favorite animal?