Why wouldn’t there be a Vertigo/Jackass mash-up?

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To fully enjoy this one, you're going to need some back-story. Last week, Kim Novak, lead actress of Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece Vertigo, made news for the first time in, what, three decades (?), when she lashed out against the makers of the modern silent movie (and one of this year's Oscar favorites) The Artist for using Bernard Herrmann's famous score for Psycho as part of their own soundtrack. More specifically, she lashed out by comparing the whole thing to being raped.

Obviously, this was a crazy thing to say. But the folks over at the Press Play section of Indiewire decided to see — as a simple and not-at-all tongue-in-cheek shit-stirring science experiment — what other movies Ms. Novak would feel "raped by" if the Vertigo soundtrack were mixed into the proceedings. And then they decided to let readers make their own.

The contest is set to end in a few hours, so if you want to get in, better fire up that editing software! So far, entires include mash-ups of They Live!, The Big Lebowski, Gummo, and Boogie Nights (among many, many, many others), but this one, in which a scene from Jackass was mashed-up with Herrmann's score, has easily been the most profound and intriguing thus far: