Will new stills of the “Breaking Dawn” sex scene convince you to see the movie?

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Many of the criticisms of Twilight revolve around the series' celebration of chastisty and fear of sex hidden under layers of disco-shimmer vampires, and while I have only seen two of the films and read none of the books, that argument seems pretty valid. But most people didn't realize until the lead up to the final film that these books get super freaky at the finish line. (Well, comparatively super freaky. There aren't S&M parties or anything.)

For one thing, Edward gives a pregnant Bella a c-section with his fucking teeth so their weird hybrid baby doesn't kill her. This is apparently going to appear on screen, which will add a whole new level of "no thank you" to the movies. But we all know what goes on before you get a bun in the oven: sexy, Mormon-approved vampire-on-human action. And now two stills of the upcoming sex scene have hit the web:

That looks very… forceful? I can't tell if he's breaking the wood he's holding on to (mmmm-hm) or if it's simply a trick of the light. But forceful or no, this is certainly a few steps away from the fairytale prom smoochies we saw in the first film.

I'm not going to ask if any of you will actually watch this thing because of a Rob Pattinson/Kristen Stewart sex scene; that would be dumb. But be honest: how many of you will try to find the clip online?