Woody Allen thought Annie Hall was just “okay”

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Annie Hall

Adding further to the lore of his own neuroses, an upcoming documentary on Woody Allen reveals that the director isn't all that proud of some of his most classic films. Apparently, Allen felt that Annie Hall was merely "okay," and really didn't like Manhattan, feeling that he "had blown it so badly it was unreleasable."

The two-part American Masters documentary will air on PBS in November and includes interviews with Allen, a visit to his Brooklyn childhood home, and old footage. At a press event for the documentary, Mariel Hemingway (who appeared in Manhattan when she was seventeen) awkwardly offered that Allen only paid attention to "actresses depending on how young they were." Uh, yikes.

In any case, it's all bound to be interesting, but you do have to wonder why Allen seems to be downplaying his best work. If anything, shouldn't he be busy making his apologies for the likes of Scoop?