Woody Allen to stray from the norm and play a sexually deviant pimp in Fading Gigolo

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Woody Allen is putting down his pen and picking up his pimp-cane for his role in the new movie Fading Gigolo. The film, which also stars John Turturro, finds the two men playing gigolos who lovingly pimp each other out to cause a stir in the Hasidic Jewish community. This is the first time in twelve years that Woody Allen is to star in a movie not written and directed by himself, but fear not; Woody's contractually mandated love affair with a beautiful actress will not be overlooked. His character is set to fall in love for a soon-to-be-cast Jewish widow. Modern Family star Sofia Vergara and infamous upskirt aficionado Sharon Stone are both rumored to be involved with the project. Will both fall for Woody's neurotic charm? Stay tuned on that.