Yet another Bridesmaids outtake surfaces, this time with taser sex

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Yes, there's really another raunchy extended scene from Bridesmaids making the rounds — at this point I'd say we're one more away from being able to cobble all these extras together into a marketable sequel, no?

In this new clip, we have material cut from the sex tape between Megan (Melissa McCarthy) and her Air Marshal boyfriend (Ben Falcone) that plays over the credits at the end of the movie. In its full, haunting form, this includes fun with inflatable pool toys, Cheez Whiz, caution tape, several footlong subs, and the kind of disgusting intimacy that only a couple who's also married off-screen could pull off.

Check out the full clip above, but only if you don't have any plans to eat a sandwich for the rest of the day.