Check out rappers M.O.P. keeping it real with review of The Muppets

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NextMovie is onto something with their Rapper Reviews series, a kind of Rotten Tomatoes 'n the hood in which various rappers critique movies selected for their appraisal based on a gimmicky connection they share. For instance, Immortal Technique reviewed Immortals, and MC Hammer gave us "a piece of the game" on Thor, truly a match made in hammer-pun heaven.

The latest installment comes to us courtesy of Brooklyn rappers M.O.P. (Mash Out Posse), straight outta Mike Tyson's old literal stomping grounds of Brownsville. M.O.P. reviewing The Muppets is like Wu Tang offering their two cents on Puss in Boots, for which we can still cross out fingers. So if you're still on the fence about seeing Jason Segel's resurrection of Jim Henson's brainchild, Billy Danze and Lil' Fame's breakdown of the "very dope" family film may just push you over.

The fellas, who had a previous brush with Muppets in the form of a viral YouTube remix of "Ante Up" starring Bert and Ernie, here compare the "upscale" Miss Piggy to some female rappers, but in a good way I guess. They also make it clear that Chris Cooper's rap machinery could use a little tune-up. And though new Muppet Walter gets a thumbs-up, it's nice to see some old-school love for Kermit.