1960 letter from Paul McCartney found offering audition to mystery drummer

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An early letter from Paul McCartney, addressed to an anonymous drummer, was recently discovered folded in a book at a yard sale in Liverpool. The letter (pictured above) offers an audition to the mystery drummer in 1960, two years before the Beatles ditched then-drummer Pete Best in exchange for Ringo Starr. 

The letter, which is expected to sell for nearly $11,000 at Christie's next month, invites the drummer to try out for the Beatles, provided he is available to travel to Hamburg for a two-month gig in the city's red-light district. The ad is apparently addressed to a man who advertised in the Liverpool Echo newspaper a few days earlier as "Drummer Young Free." We don't know yet if the drummer ever made good on McCartney's audition offers — McCartney, who is currently honeymooning with wife Nancy Shevell, has yet to respond to any request for comment — but it's safe to say that if he never showed, there's probably an indentation the size of the Grand Canyon in his desk from repeatedly slamming his head into it for the last forty-five years.