Adele recovered from throat surgery, to perform at Grammys

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Just as basketball players fear the words "ankle surgery," and street jugglers no doubt occasionally wake up in cold sweats after nightmares of horrific arm injuries, singers carry with them an ever-lingering and constant worry of throat issues. Without a fully-working set of pipes, they're just like any of us regular folk.

Which is why it was so nerve-wracking when it was announced back in November that Adele — she of last year's transcendent 21, which clocked in at number one on our own Best Albums of 2011 list — had taken time away from touring to go under the knife for throat surgery. At the time it wasn't sure how long she'd be out of commission, which inevitably lead to the question of if she'd be the same once she recovered.

Well, unless her Twitter account was subject to some terrible hijacking, Adele's coming back soon. First stop, the Grammys:

There's already plenty of other artists scheduled to appear at the show — which has, somehow, all of a sudden turned into a bona-fide, must-see event again after last year's show — including Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars, and Kelly Clarkson. But it'll be Adele that everyone's tuning in for — making the Grammys your return to performing live after months off from throat surgery is quite the comeback story.