Already-famous band Die Antwoord to release their first album in October

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Along with Nicki Manaj and Janelle Monáe,  Die Antwoord was a name before their first album ever dropped. These Afrikaner gutterpunks were unlike anything we've seen. At first, we laughed. Then we asked ourselves if they, in fact, are laughing too. Then they played Coachella and another not-to-be-missed show with M.I.A. and the hip-hip trio became the world's new art stars. (And then the world became kind of suspicious because we've only heard, what – three of their songs?)

A  fall date for their first album $O$ is finally set. Interscope (which the band signed with during their skyrocket to fame this summer) will release the album on October 12, at which point you can make the informed decision to like them or dismiss them.