Watch: Amy Winehouse booed in Serbia, cancels European tour dates

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Amy Winehouse is turning into the most reliably erratic performer this side of Courtney Love. Winehouse attempted her zillionth comeback concert in Belgrade, Serbia to disastrous results. She took the stage an hour late, stumbled around, slurred lyrics to the point of incoherence and at one point threw her shoe into the audience. Footage from most of the show is on YouTube, but it's incredibly uncomfortable to watch. Just try making it through the one song we posted.

This performance has forced Winehouse to cancel a handful of upcoming European festival dates, though she's still set to perform in Spain on July 8th, so we'll see if she goes through with that. The whole debacle is really sad, considering she just finished up a stint in uh, rehab, at the Priory Clinic in London earlier this month.