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While rumors swirl about Amy Winehouse working on the sequel to her platinum-selling Back To Black album, the singer herself is clearly busy with other plans. First off, she just released a clothing line through Fred Perry.

The range... includes polo shirts, jackets, dresses and pencil skirts.... Black and pink are the prominent colours used.

John Flynn, managing director of Fred Perry, said: "We have had a great relationship with [Winehouse] over the years as she has been a loyal fan and supporter. Amy's sense of style and attitude to music and fashion pervades through this collaboration." []

Yeeeah referred to this outfit as "The Dutch Oven Walking Jacket". I get the feeling that's not its proper title, although Winehouse might approve of the joke.

Amy Winehouse jacket

Amy Winehouse smiling

Amy Winehouse sexy

Commentarium (22 Comments)

Oct 26 10 - 3:13pm

It's a good thing she can sing, because clothes don't make her look pretty.

Oct 26 10 - 3:19pm

I love what I see above. Would like to see more. Nice job, Amy!

Oct 26 10 - 3:45pm

I'm surprised. These look like things girls I know would wear.

Oct 26 10 - 9:36pm

She cleans up surprisingly well. Nice clothes too.

Oct 26 10 - 9:37pm

She cleans up surprisingly well. Nice clothes too.

Oct 26 10 - 9:38pm

She cleans up surprisingly well. Nice clothes too!

Oct 27 10 - 3:21pm

Word is she has been "cleaned up" in the most important sense for a while. Not so long ago people were predicting she'd be dead by now. Hope the next album is as good as the others.