Amy Winehouse’s high school journal found in the trash

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Amy Winehouse journal

As if Amy Winehouse didn't have enough problems, she's now living out every high school kid's worst nightmare: her old diary entries were found in the trash, and (of course) published. The notes, taken in her school books when Winehouse was about seventeen, are actually pretty run of the mill, and she mostly writes about "sexual tension," skirt choices, and potential song lyrics. Totally relatable, right?

Winehouse did, however, make a to-do list for when she got famous, and it's kind of a bummer: items include "buy a sunbed to put in my flat," "get teeth fixed," and, most notably, "live life like the bombshell I really am." And thus, a new generation of starlets will now have a collective pathological fear of putting anything in the garbage, ever.