André 3000 to play Jimi Hendrix in new biopic

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A long-stuck-in-production-hell Jimi Hendrix biopic, starring André 3000 and directed by Three Kings scribe John Ridley, will start shooting later this month, and thirteen-year-olds across the internet are presumably ready to take to comment boards with queries like, "Who is this Jimmy Hendricks," "What's an OutKast," and "When will Hollywood provide the Justin Bieber biopic that we so richly deserve?" 

The Hendrix flick (thus far being referred to as All Is By My Side) seemed to be permanently in limbo, partly because Hendrix's estate has so far refused to give up the rights to his music. Producers were worried they'd have to either forgo music, or just use cleverly similar-sounding rip-offs like "Art Thou Experienced?" "Axes: Sharp as Love," and of course, the classic "Kind of a Lavender/Mauve Haze." It's still unclear if his estate has finally coughed up the rights for this film, or if Ridley and co. will just avoid using any Hendrix songs. 

A previous biopic to be directed by Paul Greengrass and to star Anthony Mackie went unproduced "because [Hendrix's] estate fears that a warts-and-all biopic might hit record sales," proving that, no matter what, Hendrix's estate has Jimi's their own best interests at heart.

"Everybody wants to do the movie, but there are so many things that go into a biopic, Mr. 3000 told MTV in 2008. "It's kinda like, until you are on set doing it you can't say what's going on." But he's on set now: André and the rest of the cast and crew will shoot for six months in Ireland, with scenes to be shot on location at the historic John Player Cigarette Factory. 

All Is By My Side is set to focus on Jimi's breakthrough in 1966 and 1967 after his discovery in a New York club and subsequent move to London. Further details will be greedily devoured as they emerge.