Beck and friends cover Yanni, lots of Yanni

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Beck's Record Club cover Yanni, Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, and more.

For some time now, Beck Hansen has been spearheading Beck's Record Club, an ongoing series where various musicians convene and cover an album without any prior rehearsing. Thurston Moore, St. Vincent, Jeff Tweedy, Feist, and Devendra Banhart are just some of the folks to have indulged Beck so far.

All of this is fine with us, considering that most of Beck's recent side work has been better than his proper albums. That song for Todd Solondz's Life During Wartime, that Charlotte Gainsbourg album he co-wrote and produced, that chicken casserole he and Karen O baked — all better than his last album, Modern Guilt, which you probably haven't even listened to yet.

Also better? The rash of Yanni covers he and his friends have been recording, the latest of which is "Swept Away." No, really:



Weird, huh? But still pretty cool, right? And there's lots, lots more Yanni songs back on the Beck's Record Club site, but if you want a quick taste of the other stuff they've been jamming, watch these highlights: