Beyonce is a pregnant ham in “Countdown” video

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Everyone should know by now — because they teach this stuff in like, schools, right? — that there are two modes of Beyonce. The first, and probably the one that most people would think of as "main Beyonce," is what she would probably call her "Sasha Fierce" persona, all angry and take-charge and probably willing to push you down a flight of steps. (I'd also include her ballad moments here. That's a a somewhat toned down, more serious version of fierceness.)

But the second one, and I would say the best one, is hammy Beyonce — the one who makes weird faces and dresses up in purposefully silly outfits (as opposed to accidentally ones) and sometimes trips on stage. We last saw this rare and wonderful creature in the video for "Why Don't You Love Me," in which Bey played a chain-smoking '60s housewife in the midst of a nervous breakdown. But it looks like she's back (plus a baby on the way!) in the Funny Face-influenced video for "Countdown," which is easily the hottest song about how nice it is to be in a committed relationship this year:

Of course, it wouldn't be a Beyonce performance without some sort of associated kerfuffle, and some are claiming that Beyonce copied the choreography for the video from a Belgian choreographer, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. (Feel free to compare the two here.) The claim does look… somewhat reasonable. So if it's true — and if De Keersmaeker was simply ripped off and not consulted/compensated — then it looks like we have a third mode, shady Beyonce, and it's just not a cute look.