Black Sabbath to officially reunite on 11-11-11?

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The calendar space for 11/11/11 just got a little more crowded. Not only are studios using this Friday's uniquely easy-to-remember date to release such high profile/low brain impact fare like the 300-clone Immortals and the Adam Sandler fart-joke-a-thon Jack and Jill, but charities are getting into the act, psychic wackos are coming out of the woodwork to declare the end of the world, normal wackos are still ranting about Obama's birth certificate, and, most importantly, VH1 is broadcasting its first ever National Metal Day. (VH1's brilliant justification for co-opting the date for a metal day of honor: Nigel from Spinal Tap's insistence that his amps "go to 11.") And now it's time to add another piece of metal awesomeness to 11/11/11: the original lineup of Black Sabbath is going back on tour.

Well, maybe. Probably. Most likely.

It's kind of tough reporting on this kind of news since it hasn't been made official yet — no doubt, Ozzy Osbourne could bite off Tony Iommi's mustache tonight and put the kibosh on the whole thing — but enough sites have reported on it at this point (all from their anonymous sources, i.e., Black Sabbath's PR people trying to drum up anticipatorial buzz) that it seems like a done deal. Boing Boing has a some specifics as to where the announcement's going down:

The announcement will be made at the Whisky A Go Go in L.A. where they performed for the first time in L.A., 41 years ago.

No information yet on exactly where or when they'll be touring, how many bathroom breaks Ozzy will need to take during the show, or if the whole thing's going to be filmed for a VH1 reality show. But feel free to take your leather chaps and upside-down-cross necklaces out of mothballs in preparation.