Bob Odenkirk directs Built to Spill video, “Hindsight”

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Built to Spill

Appropriately called "Hindsight," this Built to Spill video about memories, old-timers, and soirees at the local Elks Lodge is sure to provoke the worst nostalgic impulse in us all. Maybe we never watched Kodak super-8 films on our family projector, but we saw Don Draper do it one time, so it's a part of all of our histories now, too.

It makes sense that Bob Odenkirk directed. Ever since Tim and Eric announced the end of its Adult Swim show, we imagine Bob Odenkirk has been hankering to produce other throwbacks to simpler, less digitally-bombarded times, times when you were were probably high, too.

And then there's the ever-wistful Built to Spill (who are not getting any younger – god damn).