Burglars at 50 Cent’s mansion wanted to “hang out” and drink wine instead of stealing

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50 Cent burglars

There are times in all of our lives when we're forced to make tough choices. For instance: you've broken into your favorite rapper's Connecticut mansion. Do you take as much gratuitously expensive shit as you can possibly hold and make a swift exit from the compound that once housed Mike Tyson, or do you stick around and chill, maybe even have a nightcap or five? Two forward-thinking burglars bravely chose the latter option when they broke into 50 Cent's crib on Tuesday, opting not to steal from Fiddy but, as Alexander Hernandez (right) put it, just to "hang out."

Keep in mind that he gave this explanation after being found in a closet around six a.m. downing an entire bottle of wine from 50 Cent's collection and with marijuana on his person, so he's pretty definitely on the level with this one. Okay, so the crime gets less endearing when you find out that one of the guys was also involved in an unrelated attempted murder, but you still have to hand it to them: if they had actually been invited, it would have been hands-down the best night ever.