Can we please make this M83 vocal audition YouTuber famous?

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Every year around this time, when Coachella reveals their lineup, I spend a few nights in a deep internal struggle about whether or not I should go. On one hand, the lineup is usually insane and the drive from my home base in L.A. isn't that far. On the other hand, it's a music festival (which I inherently hate) and I'll be forced to spend the weekend in the blazing sun surrounded by those of the hipster persuasion. (Spoiler: negatives always outweigh the positives for me!)

But still, I tell myself, if the lineup's great enough, I'll have to put these hesitations aside, just suck it up and buy tickets. Which is how I found myself on the Coachella website late last night, for hours and hours, trying to make a decision while looking at this year's lineup. To aid my research, I scanned through various Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, and every now and then clicked on the link to the band's official YouTube page to get a better representation of what I'd be in for.

Except that, not every one was linked to the band's YouTube page.

When I clicked on the link to a sample from M83, I was magically whisked away to the following video that makes me happy the internet exists. It was posted in November and features a guy who, according to him, was recording "a vocal audition" to be M83's new back-up singer. It is amazing in every way. We need to make this guy some kind of internet star.