Check out Cake’s crowdsourced video for “The Winter”

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California alt-rockers Cake have been doing their thing for twenty years now, said thing being the blending of disparate musical genres (i.e. country, Mariachi, funk). Led by sarcastic and poetic lead singer John McCrea, the band is probably best known for two cuts from their second (and platinum) album Fashion Nugget: "The Distance" ("Reluctantly crouched, at the starting line…") and a remake of that classic of resilience, "I Will Survive."

Cake's most recent joint, 2011's Showroom of Compassion, went straight to number one on the Billboard charts, spawning three hit singles. The band recently released an epically lip-synced, crowdsourced video for the wistful but optimistic single, "The Winter," off Showroom. In the vein of the Beastie Boys' concert film, Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!, in which the Beasties gave audience members camcorders at a sold-out concert, later editing the footage, Cake's video for "The Winter", directed by band friend Tracy Rowland, was made entirely by loyal fans, who filmed themselves singing along to the song, subsequently submitting the footage for inclusion. In all, the video is comprised of over 171 participants (ranging in age from five to fifty-five) hailing from twenty countries on five continents.

Frontman McCrea said, "I think the audience performances mirror really well the sad but hopeful timbre of the song," while trumpeter Vince DiFiore added, "As the director, Tracy's intentions were heartfelt. You can see that in the video."