Check out the sexy insanity of David Lynch’s video for “Crazy Clown Time”

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David Lynch's new video for "Crazy Clown Time," off last November's album of the same name, just premiered on Vice's Noisey YouTube channel, and it's out there, as expected. Sounding like a cross between Mickey Mouse, Neil Young, and Mr. Hankey, Lynch literally describes, in a sing-talky voice, the backyard shenanigans of a motley crew of punks, jocks, and hipsters. Lynch fans will think it brilliant, with a dissertation somewhere in there, while non-fans will just think it's barking mad. As the Noisey channel describes it:

"David Lynch's video for 'Crazy Clown Time' is the party we wish we were always at. It's got babes with their boobs out, a dude with his mohawk on fire, and the place is so trashed you could do whatever you want and no one would notice. It's genius."

Lynch's last film was 2006's Inland Empire, so any new footage is welcome, other than more coffee commercials. He seems really serious about the music thing, having done that Dark Night of the Soul project with Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse, on top of writing and recording his solo debut. 

The song itself is trance-like, with a slow driving beat, looped guitars, and distorted vocal samples to give it that Lynchian effect. It's evocative of early Residents, which I'm sure is coincidental, but what's not coincidental is that Lynch has once again mined his surrealistic id and shared the results with us. How sad that we never got to see a Lynch-Dali collaboration.