Check out the video for Van Halen’s new single, “Tattoo”

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Recorded at The Roxy in L.A., Van Halen's black-and-white video for their new single, "Tattoo," has arrived, ahead of their highly-anticipated, February 7 comeback album, A Different Kind of Truth. The video (which would have premiered on MTV back when they were a music channel, and now debuts on Vevo), is a pretty bare-bones offering, as if you were a fly-on-the-wall at soundcheck, with no dwarves or dancing hamburgers to be seen anywhere.

"Tattoo" is a bluesy, mid-tempo number, and, admittedly, didn't blow me away on first listen. It opens with the encouraging and unmistakable sound of the Van Halen brothers' guitar and drums, but as soon as you hear Roth's horror-trailer-voiced breakdown narration, you cringe a little. But then Eddie's solo redeems it, until you cringe again at the "Enter Sandman"-type strobing at the end. And it probably could have been a minute shorter.

But I did like it more after a second listen, and fans of classic Van Halen are probably just happy to have David Lee Roth back on board for his first VH album since 1984. Until the inevitable quarrel, that is, which will cause Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony to return from Chickenfoot. (See: George Steinbrenner and Billy Martin.) The new lineup, with Eddie's son, Wolfgang, on bass (who looks like he's playing at a rock fantasy camp, but really is a nasty bassist), can't duplicate the original magic, but they won't be relegated to Branson anytime soon, either.