Chris Brown

Chris Brown and his PR team have embarked upon an extraordinary "please hate me as much as is humanly possible" media campaign in the last three years. First, he savagely beat his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Next, he got so irate at Good Morning America's Robin Roberts for even asking about the incident that he broke a window. Now, after countless people criticized the Grammys' decision to let him perform, he's tweeting "suck it haters" crap. Correct me if it's too early to tell, but I think it's fair to say this "I'm revolting" PR blitz has been a rousing success.

After winning Best R&B Album on Sunday, Brown decided to take a moment to address the massive public outcry over his prominence in the awards ceremony. He tweeted to his followers earlier today:


The message was quickly deleted. Some sites claim he followed it with, "IM BACK SO WATCH MY BaCK as I walk away from all this negativity #teambreezygrammy," before erasing that tweet as well. (Though the first quote is the only one with a screen grab as evidence.)

It seems Brown is amazingly unconcerned with his public image, because people are not happy with this guy. The Grammys were widely criticized for turning their Sunday broadcast into an unofficial Chris Brown comeback event, which included not only a golden gramophone for the disgraced musician but two performances. Disgust and disbelief was voiced in several impassioned op-eds and the Twitter feeds of celebrities like Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet, Michelle Branch, and Miranda Lambert.

Now I guess it's my turn. You know what, Chris Brown? I give up. I've tried really hard not to gag at the mere sight of you, but, persistent little asshole that you are, you've handily won this battle. It was already gross enough that you were all over this year's Grammys, and now you've shown that you really, really don't give a single fuck about beating your ex-girlfriend. Because that's what your "haters" are pissed about. Not your music or fashion sense or goddamn gum commercials — just the appalling domestic abuse that we're supposed to forgive you for a mere three years after it happened. And, though the Grammys might have done that, trust me when I say that we haters won't. Now can someone commission Adele to write a magnificent "fuck you" song about this jackass?

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Feb 15 12 - 2:50am

I'm as sick of Chris Brown as you are, and cannot comprehend why he is such a star (and now a Grammy winner as an R&B artist, as if his formulaic techno pop has the slightest relation to R&B). But #2 on my list of pop stars I hate is Rihanna, for her role in perpetuating Brown's stardom by pulling stunts like casting lookalikes in her videos (and thus making fans 'wonder' if songs like "We Found Love" or "California King Bed" are 'about them' and if 'she's forgiven him'/'they'll get back together') and for songs like "S&M" which connect her with violence (or at the least, rough sex), which of course her mostly teenage or younger fans think (and are supposed to think) is a reference to her and Brown. Both of them are still monetising and exploiting the incident, and from either angle, that's wrong on so many levels. And moreover, I don't believe for a second either of them are writing their own lyrics or controlling their careers, which means their managers or record label people are actually the ones doing this, which makes it even worse.

Feb 15 12 - 5:17am

totally agree. the music industry is awarding their actions, feeding their egos with awards. and stupid people are to blame. it sadden me to see their fans twitting about wanting chris brown to hit them like he did to rihanna... i bet it's the same kind of mentality that makes girls crazy about violent vampire romance. somehow it's popular to equate pain and love as the same.

Feb 15 12 - 11:23am
Felipe Arcano

Cases such as the beating suffered by singer Rihanna at the hands of her then boyfriend Chris Brown serve but as small reminders of the heinous abuse exerted every day against thousands if not millions of women and its consequences.

Feb 15 12 - 12:21pm

1. Chris Brown is not that good. Seriously.
2. On top of that, he's a horrible person.

I keep reading messed up arguments like, "She hit him first." Would they say the same for a 200lb man retaliating against a 4 year old kid? No.

Ladies and gentleman, if the assaulter is ever in a position of power (physical or other) over the other due to whatever circumstances (in this case, he was and still is physically larger/stronger than her), then that is NOT a justifiable reason. And good god, did they SEE what he did? Punching? BITING? That's not just fucked up, that is some seriously pathological shit.

It's sad that some people are raised in cultures or environments when that is acceptable and expected. There are a lot of reasons for this, I'm sure many of them socioeconomic. So sad.

Feb 15 12 - 8:18pm

No offense but it matters to me that she hit him first. She's not a 4-year old. 4 year olds by and large don't know anything and hence cannot grasp the consequences of their actions. Rihanna is grown ass woman that decided to make a confrontation physical. I'm 5'5, 160 lbs. and if you heard that I started (and lost) a fight with Mike Tyson, I'm pretty sure everyone would agree it was my fault for taking it there. The reaction wouldn't be "Mike Tyson, you're so much bigger, why did you hit this guy so hard?" it would likely be, "Why the hell would you start a fight with Mike Tyson?"
Am I saying abuse is cool? Absolutely not. Am I saying Chris Brown has done no wrong here? Not even a little. Physical violence has no place in any relationship, no matter who starts it but having said that, a woman willing to start a physical altercation with a man is inherently a woman willing to get hit back. Hell, if it's true that she hit him first (this is the first time I'm hearing this), then I have very little pity for her because it sounds like she started it. Everyone knows that you keep your hands to yourself, even 4-year olds.

Feb 15 12 - 9:56pm

Tell me, I had a verbal exchange not a week ago with my 68 year old mother who, as a hot headed person and with a pathological dislike of being interrupted, struck out and hit me. By your logic, I was well within my rights - as a male - to thump her back. Sorry, I don't know who failed in their task of bringing you up, but heres some words for the as-yet-to-be-wise: THERE IS ONLY ONE CIRCUMSTANCE WHEN IT'S OK TO HIT A WOMAN, AND THAT'S ONE IN WHICH SHE'S THREATENING YOUR LIFE. Anything short of that, you keep your hands to yourself and, if need be, create some distance from the woman concerned (to the extent of completely leaving her presence) so she isn't able to continue hitting you (if that's the current bent of the mood she's in).

Feb 15 12 - 3:18pm

There is a racial component here that isn't being acknowledged. I'm guessing most of the people voicing their displeasure are White. The same thing happened with the Michael Vick incident. I'm not saying the White people who are complaining are being racist. For whatever reason Black people seem to be more willing to give Vick/Brown a second chance. I'm willing to bet that wasn't the first time Brown assaulted her and I'm pretty sure they would have gotten back together if not for the public outcry. The Media assumed Rhianna would become the new poster child for domestic abuse but instead she ended up doing what a lot of abused women end up doing...going back to the abuser. If you don't believe they are meeting up secretly then your crazy. Chris Brown also had an opportunity to both acknowledge the horrible things he did and maybe use his celebrity to draw attention to the issue of domestic abuse, but sadly, he has chosen to be a punk instead.

Feb 15 12 - 9:37pm
our rtsmie

The first derisory aspect of the above complaint is the immediate disclaimer that "I'm not saying the White people who are complaining are being racist." So those white complainers of Brown, who are responsible for introducing this perceptable component of racism (if not them, WHO exactly gives this incident it's racist component taint?), actually aren't being racist? Well gee willikers, THAT makes sense.

But then comes the line that presumably is the basis for the perception of this racial component: If Brown was white, then white folks would be showing a greater willingness to give him a second chance. This begs the question: what would it entail to be seen to be giving someone a second chance? To cease to have a negative attitude (because of an extreme misdeed done in the past) towards that person? That sounds good/logical. The question then becomes, how long can it be deemed to be acceptable to hold such negativity towards someone, after such a deed (before it becomes too long after the deed to be holding such a negative view, which then betrays the fact the negative view being held of that person isn't SOLEY because of the deed itself, but has another aspect to it, a la their race)? It's basically 3 years since Brown bashed Rhianna (to use the term 'hit' in this instance wouldn't do justice to what really happened, but saying 'beat the shit out of' would be going too far), and in that 3 years he's acted like a douchebag in relation to this incident, and so done nothing but fan the flames of said initial negativity that arose from the primal event. So not only has the time frame still been very short from 'the incident occurring' to 'when one would expect the negativity arising from that incident to expire of its own accord', but the target concerned has acted in ways to keep alive that initial negativity, thereby prolonging the process of that negativity naturally dying out of its own accord. So for that, do you blame the white folks who still hold such a negative attitude towards him, or blame Brown's own utter immaturity?

Frankly, to assert any negativity towards Brown now is the result of people not being able to let-live /give a second chance due to there being a racist component inside of themselves is patently pathetic, and anyone making such an assertion lays themselves wide open to the observation of being a non-white who sees racism in every situation possible (why a non-white? I simply can't imagine a white person holding the above perceptions).

Feb 15 12 - 9:44pm
our rtsmie

To clarify, if it wasn't obvious: "above perceptions" meaning those proffered in JackRabbit's post.

Feb 16 12 - 1:36am

Besides the fact that he dances in his videos, what does Chris Brown actually do that makes him relevant as an artist (and deserving of accolades like Grammys)? He can't/doesn't sing (his voice always has so much Autotune and pitch correction and post-production on it, there is nothing about his vocals that makes them uniquely his); he doesn't write or produce his songs; he doesn't create his videos. He's an empty vessel for others to do whatever they want (creatively) with; like a male Britney Spears. Sure, he can dance, but so can a lot of people, and they don't have a major record label investing millions of dollars in making them famous. So why does the industry insist on making Brown a star?

May 05 12 - 4:12pm
Chris Brown

Haters gotta hate, that's all I gotta say. Just cause y'all didn't shell out a bundle for a bunch of auto-tuning software... damn. Y'all got only yourselves to blame.

Jun 21 12 - 6:02pm

Why is this lil b*tch even alive? still lol. I mean, he's a piece of shit regardless, so that means he's dragging the Grammy's down; they're not pulling him up. I'd love to see Brown made to drink toilet water.

Jun 21 12 - 6:20pm

For the comment...

"I'm not saying the White people who are complaining are being racist. For whatever reason Black people seem to be more willing to give Vick/Brown a second chance."

Actually, that would make black people the stinky racists. Has it ever occurred to you that CB's actions meant nothing to the black community? Maybe you should take into account that black people have sided with Brown for no other reason than he's black.

"We have to stick together" - is a mentality (perpetuated mostly by blacks) that deserves to be broken by an iron fist: stunted in EVERY spectrum of every emotional maturity/security.

Cut the rotten limbs that refuse to grow independently.