Chris Brown continues worldwide douchebag tour, tells critics to “fuck off”

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown and his PR team have embarked upon an extraordinary "please hate me as much as is humanly possible" media campaign in the last three years. First, he savagely beat his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Next, he got so irate at Good Morning America's Robin Roberts for even asking about the incident that he broke a window. Now, after countless people criticized the Grammys' decision to let him perform, he's tweeting "suck it haters" crap. Correct me if it's too early to tell, but I think it's fair to say this "I'm revolting" PR blitz has been a rousing success.

After winning Best R&B Album on Sunday, Brown decided to take a moment to address the massive public outcry over his prominence in the awards ceremony. He tweeted to his followers earlier today:


The message was quickly deleted. Some sites claim he followed it with, "IM BACK SO WATCH MY BaCK as I walk away from all this negativity #teambreezygrammy," before erasing that tweet as well. (Though the first quote is the only one with a screen grab as evidence.)

It seems Brown is amazingly unconcerned with his public image, because people are not happy with this guy. The Grammys were widely criticized for turning their Sunday broadcast into an unofficial Chris Brown comeback event, which included not only a golden gramophone for the disgraced musician but two performances. Disgust and disbelief was voiced in several impassioned op-eds and the Twitter feeds of celebrities like Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet, Michelle Branch, and Miranda Lambert.

Now I guess it's my turn. You know what, Chris Brown? I give up. I've tried really hard not to gag at the mere sight of you, but, persistent little asshole that you are, you've handily won this battle. It was already gross enough that you were all over this year's Grammys, and now you've shown that you really, really don't give a single fuck about beating your ex-girlfriend. Because that's what your "haters" are pissed about. Not your music or fashion sense or goddamn gum commercials — just the appalling domestic abuse that we're supposed to forgive you for a mere three years after it happened. And, though the Grammys might have done that, trust me when I say that we haters won't. Now can someone commission Adele to write a magnificent "fuck you" song about this jackass?