Christian Coalition says Johnny Depp will “burn in hell” for new Christmas song

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Frustrated musician/superstar actor Johnny Depp can't please everyone. In October, he caught flak for an injudicious choice of words, and Thursday night, his bodyguards were accused of roughing up a handicapped woman at an Iggy Pop concert. (Where, rumor has it, Iggy finally molted.) And now, Depp has aroused the ire of some Christian groups for a new song on which he plays guitar, called "The Jesus Stag Night Club."

The tune is from British indie band Babybird, best known for their 1996 song, "You're Gorgeous," though if you don't write for Pitchfork, it probably doesn't ring a bell. Depp is a big fan of the band, and last year even directed an artsy video for their song, "Unloveable," which he played on as well. "The Jesus Stag Night Club" doesn't appear to be a novelty song, and revolves around a Jesus-lookalike who gives the song's protagonist some tickets to a strip club. The song begins like this:

"Saw a man in a bar with his hair like a lady/ Bloody thorns 'round his ears like he was a crazy/ He had holes in his hands and a cross for a spine/ Crushed a berry in his Perrier and called it wine"

Though Depp didn't write the song, his association with the jam has, as one blogger put it, "angered the telepathic minions of the Invisible Sky Daddy." That includes Lee Douglas of The Christian Coalition, who angrily stated:

"I'm sure he thinks he's being very funny but he's simply a disgrace. One day, Johnny Depp and his cronies will face the judgment of our Lord and they will burn in hell for this filth."

And here I was thinking he was going to burn for The Astronaut's Wife.

A spokesperson for the Focus on Family campaign is also not a fan, saying:

"We are sickened by Mr. Depp's behavior. Why did he need to record this song? It is a slap in the face to Christians all over the world."