Frustrated musician/superstar actor Johnny Depp can't please everyone. In October, he caught flak for an injudicious choice of words, and Thursday night, his bodyguards were accused of roughing up a handicapped woman at an Iggy Pop concert. (Where, rumor has it, Iggy finally molted.) And now, Depp has aroused the ire of some Christian groups for a new song on which he plays guitar, called "The Jesus Stag Night Club."

The tune is from British indie band Babybird, best known for their 1996 song, "You're Gorgeous," though if you don't write for Pitchfork, it probably doesn't ring a bell. Depp is a big fan of the band, and last year even directed an artsy video for their song, "Unloveable," which he played on as well. "The Jesus Stag Night Club" doesn't appear to be a novelty song, and revolves around a Jesus-lookalike who gives the song's protagonist some tickets to a strip club. The song begins like this:

"Saw a man in a bar with his hair like a lady/ Bloody thorns 'round his ears like he was a crazy/ He had holes in his hands and a cross for a spine/ Crushed a berry in his Perrier and called it wine"

Though Depp didn't write the song, his association with the jam has, as one blogger put it, "angered the telepathic minions of the Invisible Sky Daddy." That includes Lee Douglas of The Christian Coalition, who angrily stated:

"I'm sure he thinks he's being very funny but he's simply a disgrace. One day, Johnny Depp and his cronies will face the judgment of our Lord and they will burn in hell for this filth."

And here I was thinking he was going to burn for The Astronaut's Wife.

A spokesperson for the Focus on Family campaign is also not a fan, saying:

"We are sickened by Mr. Depp's behavior. Why did he need to record this song? It is a slap in the face to Christians all over the world."

Commentarium (16 Comments)

Dec 04 11 - 7:26pm

PEople think this guy is attractive?

Dec 04 11 - 8:29pm

Who cares? Don't like it, don't listen to it. Johnny Depp singing this song in no way reflects on your precious salvation, Mr. Douglas.

Dec 05 11 - 12:03am

It's a slap in the face to everyone who has ears, irregardful of their religion.

Dec 05 11 - 1:02am

the lyrics are kinda catchy

Dec 05 11 - 11:58am

'irregardful' isn't a word.

Dec 24 11 - 2:12am

'blahblah' isn't a name.

Dec 05 11 - 4:13am
Wait Five Minutes

Really just terrible, even to an atheist to me. This is not music.

Dec 05 11 - 5:17am

This song is brilliant! I can’t believe that people say they believe in something good when they themselves are so evil. This is pop music for Christ’s sake! Not only is Jesus Stag Night Club a musical masterpiece, but also Johnny Depp plays the lead guitar on the track; and that is what the fuss is about. If you listen to the new Babybird album, The Pleasures of Self Destruction, you will find mostly love songs like Beautiful Haze, Best Day of Our Lives, I Love Her and more. I love Babybird and wish more people knew about them. Johnny Depp obviously thinks they are great. He said their last album; Ex-Manic was the best album of the year. Go to and join the nest. Also check out the Babybird video for the amazing song, Unlovable, directed by the Pirate! Peace me out! Trish (^_^)

Dec 05 11 - 11:51am

you are the worst PR person ever. Just sayin'.

Dec 23 11 - 7:40pm

YAY! I'm not last anymore!

Dec 05 11 - 2:05pm

The song sounds like a million other bar bands who do their own stuff. The complaints by folks who are "shocked" by this are simply tedious. That the kvetching somehow makes families better off - while families are under daily assault by banksters and wretched (and often "Christian") pols - is of course absurd.
Focus on that.

Dec 24 11 - 2:14am

THAT? I'm having trouble focusing on what YOU said.

Dec 22 11 - 6:00am
Johnny Depp

Ooooooh. I'm going to burn in hell. Me so scared.

Dec 28 11 - 6:43pm
jdeppsbabybird rak

"oh!!!,...PLEEEASE!!!",... GET A LIFE!!! & A ROOM W/A "VIEW!!!",...PEEOPLE!!! quit!!! sitting in the "balcony!!!",... & sit in the "cheap!!" "seats!!!" or are U'ALL?! "TOO!!!" GOOD!!!" fer 'em??!!!" " 'Ello?!,"Starshines!!!??",... The "Earth!!" says "Hello??!!" If He was just a "Average?!" "Joe?!!",...U'all wouldn't Give A "SHIT?!!",... would U'all??!! Well??!!,..."Little!!" News!!" "Flash??!!",.... HE IS!!!! And "WHO??!!" THE HELL??!!" gave U'ALL ??!! "THE RIGHT??!!" to be "2ND IN COMMAND??!!",... Hey!!,STOOPIDS!!!,... listen to Cal Smith's song,"The Lord Knows I'm Drinking!!" & Jeannie C. Riley's song,"Harper Valley,P.T.A!!" & "Spank!!" Ur "2 Faced!,Full Of "Shit!!" & "Urselves!!",Backstabbing!!,Judge"Mental!!", Hypocrites!!! ,... I'm SURE "If??!!" He gets to HELL!!!,... He'll put in a "GOOD WORD??!!!" fer Y'all!!!" Leggo!!!, My "Eggo!!!",...Y'all can't "DEAL!!?" or "HANDLE!!??" "IT??!!" "Thank U!!,Sir??!!,... May "I??!!" have "ANOTHER??!!!"

Jun 25 12 - 2:28pm

It all depends on the reputation....I, for one, am a Christian and I would never presume to tell anyone they will burn in hell...however, I know that Mr Depp met someone from my church for Make A Wish so we either are gonna live authentically or not....not contradictory...if you gonna stand for something, stand so you know who you really are......

Aug 18 12 - 7:24pm

i think jesus will forgive him everyone sins and jesus will forgive them now in the bible jesus had dinner with sinners who probably did worse sins than johnny besides he has the same right to be in heaven as we do and its un christian life to say he will burn its not your choice where he goes it is jesus choice and u ever this im right commet and those who dont.DONT BOTHER this is from leo 12 years old