Neko Case sexy redhead New Pornographers

As annoying as the New Pornographers can be on record (and they are plenty annoying) and as much as I wish Neko Case would just quit that band and move into my apartment, I don't quite understand the latest controversy surrounding their music.

Seriously, haven't authority figures learned anything form the embarrassing attacks on Elvis Presley for shaking his hips or "A Day In The Life" for its supposed drug references? Apparently not, since they are still attacking artists for doing nothing crazy whatsoever.

The New Pornographers concert at Calvin College has been canceled because of the band's name.

The college released a statement explaining, "after weeks of discussion and consideration, the irony of the band's name was impossible to explain to many. The band's name, to some, is mistakenly associated with pornography. Consequently, Calvin, to some, was mistakenly associated with pornography. Neither the college nor the band endorses pornography."

Calvin student activities director Ken Heffner, who books concerts for the college, said refunds would be issued today, and that the cancelation is a "peaceful parting of ways" between the school and the band. The group was scheduled to perform Oct. 15 in the Calvin Fieldhouse Complex [Grand Rapids Press]

Until today, it never occurred to me that someone would find them "offensive," even if all that unease comes from their name.

Maybe the New Pornos'll finally have the street cred so many indie rock fans think they deserve. Although let's not alert any more college boys to Neko's beauty and many talents -- she's mine.

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Sep 15 10 - 5:13pm
Dammit Me

Aren't colleges supposed to teach open-mindedness and critical thinking? When did political correctness take over. Dumb. But then again academics are so typically divorced from the real world.

Sep 15 10 - 5:14pm

Kristian Klown Kollege, perhaps?

Sep 15 10 - 5:25pm

Better not book the Bare Naked Ladies

Sep 15 10 - 5:42pm

'Miley Cyrus' is a well known Sri Lankan sex move. Someone please cancel all of her future events.

Sep 15 10 - 6:04pm

Jesus, it's 2010 in the civilized world. What year is it where all of you book-burning ignoramuses are?

Sep 15 10 - 6:36pm

the best way to fall out of love with neko case is to see her live. what an amazing lack of charisma.

Sep 15 10 - 7:18pm

Heaven forbid they book the Cherry Poppin' Daddies.

Sep 15 10 - 7:39pm

How are they annoying? I saw them recently, and it was a fantastic show. Great songwriting and harmonies.

Sep 15 10 - 7:55pm

"The band's name, to some, is mistakenly associated with bare-naked ladies. Consequently, Calvin, to some, was mistakenly associated with bare-naked ladies. Neither the college nor the band endorses bare-naked ladies." <-- you can stick any band name in there and the statements still insanely vapid.

Sep 15 10 - 8:07pm

same thing happened to the Barenaked Ladies in Toronto. The then mayor wouldn't let them play at a city hall function because she found their name offensive. By the way, the New Pornographers are the best.

Sep 15 10 - 10:06pm

Calvin is a private Christian university. Not exactly shocked. I spent some time there visiting friends when I was at CMU and it's very much like this kind of isolated compound in the middle of buttfuck rural Michigan. So. There ya go.

Sep 15 10 - 10:10pm
robert paulsen

see also violent femmes

Sep 15 10 - 10:13pm

Oh, THAT place. Liz PHAIR played there, for Christ's sake (literally).

Sep 15 10 - 10:16pm

Jinna, she's lucky she made it out of there before someone heard "Exile in Guyville."

Sep 16 10 - 8:01am

*Aren't colleges supposed to teach open-mindedness and critical thinking?*

Not Calvin College. It's an arm of the Reformed Church (hence "Calvin", get it?). The student body is 99% Dutch people (not the cool kind of Dutch people either; Dutch AMERICANS). It's in East Kadingus, Michigan. I think their most famous graduate is Eric Prince, founder of Blackwater.

The really amazing thing is that Calvin College actually allows rock music.

Sep 16 10 - 6:13pm
Salt The Earth

1. The Michigan Dutch are maybe the only people who left a perfectly fine country because it was no longer conservative and fire 'n' brimstone enough for them. They, in fine Calvinist fashion, consider themselves the only Elect to make it out of the godless commie Netherlands, and by extension, the only real true Dutch people. This tickles me, because my folks are Dutch FOBs, and I couldn't be a more different kind of American Dutchman.

2. The types of people who are not just indifferent to The New Pornographers but actively complain about them tend to be this type of person:

Sep 16 10 - 8:03pm

Brian, she got away...[that] day...with what girls call what the girls call what the girls call...the girls call murder. In that she played "Flower". I shit you not.

Sep 17 10 - 2:16pm

The seeming concern the blogosphere has for issues of academic or artistic freedom is as limited as its willingness to actually understand issues and circumstances like this one on even the most basic level. I graduated from Calvin in May. I know that Ken Heffner, the director of SAO who schedules these events (Joanna Newsom, Van Dyke Parks, The Mountain Goats, and Mavis Staples are among recent or future acts he's booked), along with Calvin's students and faculty are infuriated by what amounts to the school administration's decision to avoid offending an isolated percentage of the institution's constituency. Calvin's faculty and staff, who are fiercely dedicated to cultivating critical thinking skills in their students, find themselves at odds (as they often do) with an administration and board of trustees who occupy themselves with tending to what they perceive to be the needs of those who sustain the institution financially. What the administrators continue to fail to realize is that the real strength of the institution comes not from donors but from the students and teachers. Confusing the (in this case) more audible voice of the school's administration with the dialogue that really takes place at the school is to confuse the real institution with the stereotype of Christian colleges that is sustained by people who aren't interested in truly understanding the scope and purpose of Christian higher education. Avoiding this confusion is easy; a Google search will yield that Eric Prince graduated from Hillsdale College; Paul Schrader, the screenwriter for Taxi Driver, got his BA at Calvin with a minor in Theology; other Calvin graduates and current faculty are responsible for large-scale efforts to improve municipal sustainability in Grand Rapids, which is a city with a metro population of 778,000. The reaction against Calvin’s administration’s censorship reveals that bloggers are as closed-minded as the subject of their criticism.

Sep 18 10 - 4:36pm
Salt The Earth

No, mshade, I think we actually do get the gist of what's going on here. It's the same old, same old, you see, and it gets tiring. It doesn't matter how many people at Calvin are infuriated about the appeasement of fundies and the surrender to neutered centrism, it's that this spinelessness prevailed in the end. You couldn't just wrench anybody's arm behind their back and say, "You fuck up a harmless rock show, and you fail modernity forever," could you? No, that just wouldn't be civil. So, yeah, it's your spineless-civility-and-moderation-to-a-fault that we don't like. You let the fundies and reactionaries walk all over you... AGAIN. How the fuck can anyone respect that?