Daft Punk team up with Coca Cola for Daft Coke

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Daft Coke

For those of you who like your electronic music accompanied by fizzy soft drinks (and um, who doesn't?), we've got the beverage tie-in for you. Coca Cola has teamed up with musical duo Daft Punk to create a limited-edition set of soda bottles. It's like literal electro-pop!

The metallic bottles sort of look like Daft Punk's signature robotic helmets and will be available as a collectors item at French clubs next month. We can't help but wonder if if tastes as futuristic as the band's music sounds. Leave it to the French to make one of the world's most predominant brands seem hip and exclusive. But while this might be a neat little promotional item, we'd prefer it if Daft Punk actually got to work on a new album instead of marketing soda. It's not like either the band or Coke need the exposure.