Dave Grohl stops a concert to personally kick out an “asshole”

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Dave Grohl stops a concert

Listen up, motherfuckers. If you're going to a Foo Fighters concert, be advised: there's no motherfucking fighting. There's only motherfucking dancing. If you break this rule, Dave Grohl might just stop the show, give you a dressing down, and then throw you out

Case in point: in this video from a recent Foo Fighters concert, Grohl apparently sees a guy starting a fight near the front of the crowd. Rather than relying on security, he stops the song and starts yelling at him — for a full minute. He calls him out directly, like a substitute teacher ("You, in the striped shirt, look at me!") and, also like a substitute teacher, says fuck a lot more than you think he should. Whose side you'll take can probably be precisely calculated based on how much younger than twenty-eight you are, and how many extraneous pieces of metal are affixed to your outfit. 

You hear that kids? There's no fighting in rock 'n' roll.