David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” becomes world’s saddest children’s book

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Now that I've written that headline, I'm remembering a number of sad-as-hell children's books: Babar, Charlotte's Web, The Giving Tree… although that last is more disturbing than sad, maybe. Anyway, illustrator Andrew Kolb has definitely given us a contender in the form of Space Oddity, which repurposes the lyrics of Bowie's 1969 breakthrough single as a retro-styled children's book. Spoiler alert: the astronaut dies. Just like in the song.

This is just a concept at the moment — the book has no publisher, and Kolb has yet to hear from Bowie, though I can't imagine the rock icon will be anything but chuffed about it. It's a really beautiful piece of work that (if published) will almost certainly traumatize generations of children to come.